About Blazie

Blazie Holling has had an exciting career in aerospace making everything from satellites to rockets.  In recent years, she’s had the honor of being part of a history-making team for 10 years at SpaceX, and the thrill of being part of the incredible journey taking rockets into space.

Blazie has always had a love of nature and adventure. She has a special appreciation for stones and crystals, many that possess much beauty and mystery. Nikola Tesla once said that although we cannot truly understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living thing. Blazie’s store is filled with many of these unique and special treasures, each of which is one of a kind.

Several years ago, Blazie authored a book entitled Emotional Triangle available on Amazon and in her store. Both the writing of the book and the path which has lead to the creation of this store have resulted in rich spiritual healing.

Blazie hopes you will visit the store and experience for yourself the beauty and “magic” of these unique gifts. 





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