Class on Manifesting Secrets

Yesterday, we had our monthly class at the store. This month it was on Manifesting Secrets. It was amazing! We discussed aligning yourself with higher vibrations and how to do that. We discussed the Law of Attraction and how this law requires first using the Law of Vibration for your manifesting to work. Finally, we  talked about what can bring your manifesting to a screeching halt.

Everyone shared their personal favorite manifesting techniques. Although the techniques were all different, they all had the same underlining foundation. The class attendees are a pretty advanced group and it was really great sharing and learning from each other.

This month we are having two classes. The second one will be on Saturday, September 30th. It’s on Cleansing your Crystals and Charging them. We will be going over the basics as well as some advanced techniques. If you would like to attend this class, please sign up on the website and fill out the registration form under the Events tab. BlazieRocks is a smallish store and our class size is very limited. ¬†If there is a class you would really like to attend, please sign up early so you can secure your seat.

We are constantly getting fresh products into the store. Our crystals and stones are one-of-a-kind, of course, and we have some really amazing ones. Stop by regularly to check out the new ones.

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